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Friendly NPCs

Sketha Rin, Cryptomancer 
A bookish night person woman. Tall, dark, physically powerful despite her chosen profession. She specializes in codemaking and codebreaking, with a sideline in advanced mathematics. 
Known Haunts: Her office in the Royal College.

Makala Chell, Sovereign's Finest
A short human woman with a wiry build, green eyes, pale skin, and fluffy blonde hair. Of irrepressible good cheer. Almost always wearing her Sovereign's Finest uniform, which she takes great pride in. Our Heroes current superior as well as their go-to interrogator — she's yet to fail to get answers out of a perp! 
Known Haunts: The Hall of Envoys, The Tarnished Dove

Sashasha Ressila, Ratha
Sasha to her friends. A beautiful vata'an woman who works in the Tarnished Dove as a masseur and ratha, among other things. She has a musical laugh and a keen eye, and happens to be an excellent lyricist. Much too classy for the Dove. 
Known Haunts: The Tarnished Dove

Wynn Tashka, Agronomist and Aspiring Noble
A young human woman, with deep olive skin, dark curly hair, and a warm smile. Slightly overweight and usually smelling of something floral. She has passed most of the aptitude exams for Noble status, but hasn't yet faced the Blue Rose Scepter, and she's a little worried about it. Thinks Maev is unfairly sweet. 
Known Haunts: ?

Saega Valcan, Healer and Aspiring Noble
One of Nym's friends from way back. A laevvel vata'an man, with short hair dyed a brilliant red and plastered with so much product it could potentially be load-bearing. A little sarcastic but ultimately pretty nice. Occasional smoochfriend of Liamond. 
Known Haunts: ??

Liamond Sarmaris, Playwright and Waestrel 
A good-natured seafolk man, usually just unshaven enough for it to be an artistic statement but not unshaven enough to be unkempt. Likewise, he's usually juuuust drunk enough to be interesting without being intolerable. His entire life is a balancing act like that, but on the other hand, he's basically an instant party. Occasional smoochfriend of Saega. 
Known Haunts: ?

Digerin, a <s>Trash Panda</s> Rhy-Raccoon
A fidgety raccoon wearing a floppy, wide-brimmed hat and a belt made of twine, on which is bound a tiny leather pouch where he keeps his things. An expert dumpster diver. 
Known Haunts: Linmoor Town; Random Trash Cans in Aldis

Neutral NPCs

Queen Jaellin, Sovereign of Aldis 
A human woman on the young side of middle age, still rather uncomfortable with palace life but managing it well enough. Can be stand-offish, even distant. 
Known Haunts: The Royal Palace

Kelyran Malphar, Consort to the Sovereign
A dashing vata'sha man with an infectious grin and a very thick Kernish accent. Entirely aware of how lucky he is to be Jaellin's husband, and is doing his best to be "respectable," if only to make her political life easier, as he also knows how much marrying a no-name vata'sha from Kern of all places screwed things up on that end. 
Known Haunts: The Royal Palace

Linanne Dunly, Noble 
Human, aging gracefully. A big name in the Noble Assembly — one of the leaders of the loyal opposition, in fact! She and her comrades remember the way things used to be, before Queen Jaellin became the Sovereign, when the prestigious Falish family held the throne for four consecutive Sovereigns. One of the most vocal of this number; once told off Queen Jaellin in public and very loudly. A sturdy woman despite her years, or at least, she was until she was poisoned. 
Known Haunts: ?

Riseld Anas, Noble 
Tall, thin, vata'an. Her wife Sulas, an Envoy, accompanied Jaellin through the shadowgate during the Kernish invasion, and like everyone else who did so she did not return. Is known to carry a grudge; has expressed doubts about Queen Jaellin's version of events in the past. 
Known Haunts: ????

Delyan Lerind, Noble
A human man in his 40s. Greying at the temples, a sour look on his face. Quick to tell you how he refuses to take sides; just as quick to grouse about the rate of promotions he's received (which is to say very few). 
Known Haunts: ?

Imori Kemela, Noble
A very gentle night person who takes pains not to intimidate others, but has not entirely broken her habit of punctuating speech with gestures. Long flowing dark hair, wide eyes, immaculately lacquered tusks. Known primarily for being an open defender of Sayvin, who she believes couldn't possibly have betrayed Aldis (regardless of the evidence to the contrary); the two were very good friends before the failed coup and Sayvin's subsequent flight to Kern. 
Known Haunts: ????

Sayissa Rynen, Priestess of the Dance
Human, middle age, with dark hair she keeps bound back. She doesn't carry a weapon, but her scars give away her past as a soldier. A few years ago she hung up her sword and has since become a Priestess of the Dance. She's still in very good shape. 
Known Haunts: ???

Inas Sulat, Noble 
Vata'sha, tall, thin, attractive, and presently extremely inebriated. Will hit on practically anyone he sees. Usually far more proper and reserved — apparently when he cuts loose, he really cuts loose. 
Known Haunts: ?

Vakora, a Rhy-Fox
An aging rhy-fox, whose fur is starting to go silver around the edges. Her mind is still sharp as a tack, though. Friends with Makala; works in the Palace as a gardener. 
Known Haunts: The Royal Palace Garden 

Valsh Stredkhburn, Ambassador from Jarzon 
A human man, soberly dressed and very standoffish. He looks askance at practically everyone he meets — and he's the diplomatic one. No matter how long he's stuck in Aldis, he never gets used to it. 
Known Haunts: The Royal Palace; Jarzoni Embassy (High Ward)

Tirun Richtdor, Aide to the Ambassador
A younger man, with fiery but stern eyes. Much like the ambassador, he thinks very little of everyone around him, and has been known to interpose himself between the ambassador and particularly "Aldin" Aldins. 
Known Haunts: The Royal Palace; Jarzoni Embassy (High Ward)

Khalasha Tensteed, Ambassador from Rezea
Ambassador from Rezea. She’s dressed in traditional Rezean summer garb, colorful and loose, and she’s drinking from a waterskin filled with kumys (fermented mare's milk) — she’ll happily offer a drink from it, but it’s something of an acquired taste, and one she is sad that locals just don’t share.
Known Haunts: The Royal Palace; Rezean Embassy (Across the River)

Pherey Lar, Ambassador from Lar'tya
A distant relative of the queen of Lar’tya, Alahani, Pherey has been ambassador to Aldis for the last few years. She likes certain things about Aldis (for example, the lack of castes — things are so lively and interesting!) and is less than keen on others (you… you let men be Nobles. Why.).
Known Haunts: The Royal Palace; Lar'tyan Embassy (High Ward Shoreline) 

Thakun, A Random Partygoer
Night person. He's cute and Nym threw Rava at him. That's about it right now. 

Ander Terwin, Noble Under Suspicion
A human man on the young side, with dark hair and eyes. Ander administers the town of Janley, a few hours ride from the city. As such, he resides most of the time in Aldis, where almost all of Janely's business is done. Occasional smoochfriend of Darada, before both were arrested on suspicion of sorcery. 
Known Haunts: Terwin Residence (High Ward) 

Darada Valei, Adept Under Suspicion
A young man, thin, with sunken eyes and pale blonde hair. Half vata'an on his mother's side. A skilled Lightshaping Adept, known for showing a truly promising degree of skill during his education. Vanished for a few years, then turned back up. Occasional smoochfriend of Ander, before both were arrested on suspicion of sorcery. 
Known Haunts: Terwin Residence (High Ward), Crowledge House (Outskirts of the Town of Linmoor)

Antagonist NPCs

Rakkaz the Silent, Crimson Veil Assassin
A Kernish man of middle years, human, and a master of the Red Veil Style of Shadow Dancing. Covered in tiny hairline scars, one for each kill — it's the only way he can keep count. Lithe but muscular, with extremely dextrous fingers. His voice is rasping, bitter, and abrasive. 
Known Haunts: A cell in the High Ward Guard Headquarters, awaiting trial 

Temith Lar, Crimson Veil Initiate
A young, sickly-looking man, with bags under his eyes and a greyish pall to his skin. His limbs are thin, and his hands are bony, and despite his age his close-cropped black hair is going grey. He speaks in a quiet whisper. 
Known Haunts: A cell in the High Ward Guard Headquarters, awaiting trial 

Lady Imenwen of Kern, Deceased Sorceress 
Imagine the stereotypical Kernish sorceress. That's Imenwen. Well, I mean, aside from the fact that she's dead now thanks to Our Heroes being terrifying to behold in general. 
Known Haunts: Crowledge House (Outskirts of the Town of Linmoor) 


NPC Listing

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